Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am still in Asia and am seeing my entire family complete for the first time in many years.  At one time, we were scattered across 3 continents.  So on special occasions like these, my sisters and I sometimes get together for some girl bonding.  This time, we decided to go to the Chi Spa in the Shangri-La Hotel.

Shanri-La Chi Spa's private soaking pool
We've been to spas around the world but agreed that this was the best spa treatment we had ever had!  The private treatment rooms included our own bathroom and changing area.  We were first led to our own outdoor soaking pool with sea salts and flower petals.  We found ourselves giggling as we floated around the pool.  Then, after steaming up, we proceeded to have a Coconut and Cardamom scrub with a "secret recipe" egg yolk wrap followed by Gugo (coconut bark) Hair Treatment.  It was nice for all 3 of us to be all together in a private treatment room.

Shangri-La Chi Spa private treatment room
Even though a family emergency had brought us all together, it was wonderful to spend a few hours just being together as sisters.

What was your favorite spa experience?


  1. Wow!!! Sounds heavenly.... =)

  2. Missy, tell us how the Chi Spa at Shangri-La Hong Kong is. I saw a CNN report on it commenting how it the most luxurious spa with the greatest attention to detail!


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