Friday, April 15, 2011


The Museums in San Francisco have been so inspirational.  If you are in the area, not only should you catch the "Balenciaga and Spain" exhibit at the De Young.  The real must-see is Isabelle de Borchgrave's trompe l'oeil costume masterpieces for "Pulp Fashion" at the Legion of Honor.

Naturally, these exhibits attracted Art and Fashion students and other stylish admirers.  So I decked myself out in my colorful Desigual coat to blend in.  I was tickled pink (or rather rainbow!) to be stopped by several museum-goers complimenting me on my coat.  And it wasn't even the wildest print -- it was restrained by Desigual standards.

Desigual coat
from Desigual print ads
This isn't my exact coat but it's similar

The back of my coat is like this too
photo from

Detail of the coat
It's in a jacquard type fabric with embroidery and print
photo from

For more on Desigual, please refer to my old posts:

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