Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today marks what would have been Martha Graham's 117th birthday.  The iconic dancer and choreographer completely changed dance in America, and after that, the world.  Modern Dance, as we think of it today, is really because she made it that way.

Martha Graham in "Lamentation"
photo by Barbara Morgan

She created her own dance vocabulary for the body.  Somehow, it always vacillated between rapture and pain.  She moved away from the theatrical backdrops of dance and exotic costumes, and instead, gave us Modern Minimalism.

Just look at all these photos, whether or not you are a dance enthusiast.  The costumes are timeless!  We can even wear all this out today.

"Martha Graham: Letter to the World"
fondly known as "The Kick"
photo by Barbara Morgan

The following image was not in high definition so I can only post it small:

Martha Graham
photo by Barbara Morgan

Happy Birthday, Martha!


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