Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was looking for a bit of excitement after the calming effect of the Rena Lange Trunk Show.  So I stepped into the Shoe Department.

See the latest Christian Louboutin creation on the left (this design was formerly a bootie in the Winter Collections), and the geometric cutouts on the suede Chanel wedge heel!  I guarantee these styles will be copied by the more affordable labels soon.


I checked out the Rena Lange Spring collection that just came out today.  The German design label has very classic lines, nothing edgy.  In other words, good for the office and can be sophisticated particularly for ladies who are not in their 20s to 40s anymore.  For the younger set, it can be a bit boring.

I saw the African Safari influence that seems popular this springtime.   The khaki and tribal outfits were all over the March Vogue issue.

This jacket had slimming detail down the front seams and would look great with cream slacks.

This shirt dress was on snake print fabric.  That made it slightly edgier than the usual khaki version.

This textured suede skirt had elongating vertical lines, particularly the detail down the middle.  It came with a tied safari jacket but I would wear it on its own with a black turtleneck and boots.

Finally, there was the classic boucle jacket (like Chanel or St. John) with hand-sewn abalone shell embellishment.  Those lilac shells looked lovely against the pink satin.

All-in-all, nothing outrageous, but wearable couture.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Are you a frequent traveller?  Do you miss your regular beauty and skin care products whenever you are away?

I used to travel every week, and even now, frequently travel overnight once a month.  You don't have to sacrifice your beauty routine even with the new, restrictive baggage rules:

  • Next time you are replenishing your skin care products at the Department Store, ask for samples that suit your skin
  • You can get samples of your make-up too: foundation, eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, mascara - all in travel sizes
  • The perfume counter also gives sample sizes of your scents.  It's great not to have to carry a heavy bottle that spills.
  • If you like scented candles while you take a bath in the hotel tub, there are 2" versions of scented candles.  Just wrap it in tissue paper first before rolling a belt or socks around it in your luggage.
So don't be shy.  Ask for those samples!  The sales staff are happy to give it away.

Monday, February 22, 2010


If you like what Lucky editors call "Posh Eclectic", see this fun mix of textures to keep you warm on your apres-ski gatherings.  I just like anything that evokes Dr. Zhivago.

  • The bell-sleeve knit turtleneck echoes the A-line leather skirt
  • The silk sash makes the furry vest less bulky
  • Suede boots with metal buckles and fur trim add interest
  • Top it with a classic, shearling pillbox hat
This look can work for almost all body types.  If you are very petite, just watch the proportions of the skirt and boots so it doesn't look granny-ish.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm off to the Rockies for a week.  My warm and trusty muk luks are going to see snow again.  If there are picture-worthy slopeside styles, you will be the first to see it.

In the meantime, enjoy Winter Break for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and enjoy the Winter Olympics for those around the world!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My favorite boutique for affordable fashion closed in downtown Saratoga around Christmastime.  Good thing, they decided to re-open in Los Gatos!  I was happy to see the owner again.

While I left with a pet-approved furry bolero, what caught my attention was the prevalence of hardware in the shop.  See the studded pashminas below.  There were studded everythings.

More unique items were the handmade silver jewelry from Greece and the metallic, embellished belts (some with Capiz Shell buckles).  These belts are sold for much more in places like Bloomingdale's.


You have a classic sheath dress that makes you look sharp in the office or polished at reunions.  But can you give it "Downtown" style for times when you just want to meet up with your friends?  You bet!
  • Top it with an informal jacket that cuts close to the body.  
  • Calf-length boots on nude legs are great for springtime.
  • A whimsical accent flower can lighten the mood.
  • Another easy trick is to put a wide belt on which instantly changes the dress.  (Be careful if you are trying to hide tummy bulge though.)
Now you get double-duty on your hard-working sheath dress.  That's perfect for Recessionistas!


The sun is shining and trees are a-bloom.  Time to pack away your fabulous winter boots.  How do you take care of them if you've thrown away the boxes and packaging they came in?

  • Boots keep their shape best when standing upright in your closet.  Save a spot on the floor, or even on a high shelf that has room at the top.
  • Clean off any stains or debris from your boots.  Suede boots need to be brushed off.
  • Keep their shape by stuffing the toe areas with tissue paper.  
  • Tall boots benefit from boot trees.  If you don't want to purchase them, thick magazines folded in half lengthwise do the trick.
They will be in great shape for next year!
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