Monday, February 22, 2010


If you like what Lucky editors call "Posh Eclectic", see this fun mix of textures to keep you warm on your apres-ski gatherings.  I just like anything that evokes Dr. Zhivago.

  • The bell-sleeve knit turtleneck echoes the A-line leather skirt
  • The silk sash makes the furry vest less bulky
  • Suede boots with metal buckles and fur trim add interest
  • Top it with a classic, shearling pillbox hat
This look can work for almost all body types.  If you are very petite, just watch the proportions of the skirt and boots so it doesn't look granny-ish.


  1. Dad always told me I'd survive in a temperate country, in terms of my fashion sense... at least compared to my siblings!

    These pieces are absolutely fab! I'm drooling over everything that you're posting on this blog :D

  2. Glad you like it! If there's one thing I like about the temperate zones, it is the ability to use sumptuous fabrics (cashmere, fur, ...!). But you can play around with textures in Manila too :-)


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