Thursday, February 11, 2010


You have a classic sheath dress that makes you look sharp in the office or polished at reunions.  But can you give it "Downtown" style for times when you just want to meet up with your friends?  You bet!
  • Top it with an informal jacket that cuts close to the body.  
  • Calf-length boots on nude legs are great for springtime.
  • A whimsical accent flower can lighten the mood.
  • Another easy trick is to put a wide belt on which instantly changes the dress.  (Be careful if you are trying to hide tummy bulge though.)
Now you get double-duty on your hard-working sheath dress.  That's perfect for Recessionistas!


  1. I love this!!! Congratulations, Jen!

  2. Thanks, Missy. Tell me what kind of things you want to see. Image Consulting is more than just fashion.


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