Thursday, February 11, 2010


My favorite boutique for affordable fashion closed in downtown Saratoga around Christmastime.  Good thing, they decided to re-open in Los Gatos!  I was happy to see the owner again.

While I left with a pet-approved furry bolero, what caught my attention was the prevalence of hardware in the shop.  See the studded pashminas below.  There were studded everythings.

More unique items were the handmade silver jewelry from Greece and the metallic, embellished belts (some with Capiz Shell buckles).  These belts are sold for much more in places like Bloomingdale's.


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  2. Hello Jen, the accessories are amazing. I like big, unusual, especially one-of-a-kind ones! Reasonably-priced, of course. Here are some pictures of my stuff made a Filipino accessories-designer:

  3. I always look for accessories in Manila. I liked your stash too. You need to show me where to find them on my next visit.


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