Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Are you a frequent traveller?  Do you miss your regular beauty and skin care products whenever you are away?

I used to travel every week, and even now, frequently travel overnight once a month.  You don't have to sacrifice your beauty routine even with the new, restrictive baggage rules:

  • Next time you are replenishing your skin care products at the Department Store, ask for samples that suit your skin
  • You can get samples of your make-up too: foundation, eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, mascara - all in travel sizes
  • The perfume counter also gives sample sizes of your scents.  It's great not to have to carry a heavy bottle that spills.
  • If you like scented candles while you take a bath in the hotel tub, there are 2" versions of scented candles.  Just wrap it in tissue paper first before rolling a belt or socks around it in your luggage.
So don't be shy.  Ask for those samples!  The sales staff are happy to give it away.


  1. Hi
    I love samples! But apparently, not all shops here in Manila give way samples when you buy their product ; (

  2. Yes, too bad samples are mostly given away here in the US only. Even Europe doesn't give away much samples.


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