Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Did your Mom ever teach you how to walk in high heels when you were younger?  I remember a bunch of us girl friends practicing how to walk in our first heels before the Junior Prom.

Well it seems that even models need to learn.  Platforms and super high heels are accidents waiting to happen unless you have strong ankles.  Drinking your milk (It does the body good) is probably not a bad idea either.  Anorexic models look like they don't get enough.

Video from The Telegraph UK

Given the sky high fashions these days, I've actually seen Classes - yes, classes - for walking in heels!

But really, just remember these tips:

1.  Pilates lovers will understand this: engage your abs when you walk.  Don't let your ankles take all your weight.

2.  Stronger calves and ankles also help you stabilize.  Do your calf raises.

3.  Practice walking in your heels before the big event.

4.  You know those Pole Dancing classes?  They can teach you all how to move in heels!

5.  Or just know when it's time to call it quits suffering for fashion.  Falling on your face is never attractive.

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