Sunday, May 16, 2010


We take a quick break from Fancy Dress Occasions to revisit the real world - Office wear!

Another on-trend spring staple is "The Safari Look".

If you are itching to show the animal in you in (unlikely) corporate surroundings, consider this:

  • Keep your animal print jacket extremely classic in shape
  • Keep your skirt, dress or slacks simple in shape and pattern (solid contrast color only)
  • All other accessories are muted
  • Brown leather belt and brown leather shoes echo the earthy theme
Vivienne Westwood Yasmin bag
Creative jobs, say in Advertising or Graphic Design, can get away with more Animal prints.

For conservative offices like Banking, this can work during an internal day when you are not meeting with clients.  How about when you need to intimidate your team into working harder?


YSL platform pumps
Attention-grabbing as it is, I would not recommend large animal prints if you are giving a presentation.  Your audience will get dizzy looking at you. In this situation, it is much better to keep your jungle print small, say on your purse or shoe trims.

Unleash yourself in the Urban Jungle!

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