Monday, May 3, 2010


Hermes Birkin bag

Looking around to replace an old, spring bag?  Neutrals are perfect for practical and fashion purposes.

If you can only have one bag, the Hermes Birkin bag, or similar structured style, is a great one to have.   Mine has seen me through thousands of meetings, parties, travel ...  It always instantly adds class to any outfit.
Ruffled tote

For those who want to have fun with their purses, look for unique accents - for example, this one with dressmaker details and studs for edge.  It's a huge, everyday tote that I carry everything in, even my sketch book!

Fold-over bag and silver cuff

For the rock star in you, I found a cheap fold over shoulder bag with chain straps and steel details.  This looks right on days I want to be in skinny black jeans and black leather boots.  I use it with the silver cuff shown too.  The simple shape balances out the rocker hardware.

Quick aside on choosing stylish bags:  no logos.

  • Classy chic eschews visible logos.   Great design speaks for itself. 
  • Accessory lines have little to do with the designer himself.  They were established as business decisions to capture clients who might otherwise find the designer's clothes out of reach.  
  • You can find terrific bags at many different price points.
Personally, I find it's more fun to keep people guessing instead of announcing the label!

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