Thursday, April 29, 2010


Celine Spring/Summer 2010
Some of the winning looks this spring were spare, minimal and in neutral hues.  Phoebe Philo for Celine characterized this less-is-more aesthetic in her beautiful collections.
Celine Spring/Summer 2010

What woman wouldn't look great and instantly put-together in these outfits?  You can mix and match anything!  These shapes are closet staples.  But due to the simplicity, perfect fit and quality fabrics are key.

Isabel Marant 2010
For those who like frills, I love how Isabel Marant makes neutrals so hip and chic! No wonder the Cool Crowd from Paris to NYC have been causing shortages despite Marant's hefty price tag.  (What ever happened to the Recessionista?!)   This look is more studied and defies matching:
  • Neutral short, ruffly chiffon dress
  • Camouflage fringe boots add heft to the short length
  • Silver tie wound around neck adds edge
  • Accessorize with non-neutral earrings
There are many ways to take Spring's Neutral look.  Which way would you choose?

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