Thursday, April 8, 2010


Many spring fashion spreads showed the Military trend: Sgt. Pepper jackets and olive and khaki hues from top to bottom.

Cargo pants and flak jackets are a laid back interpretation.  If you want to go beyond that, here's a feminine twist on military mania:

Military Trend

  • Keep to the olive or khaki color scheme
  • Epaulets and brass buttons on the jacket keep with the theme; the belt defines the waist line
  • The flared skirt is in contrast to the more fitted jacket.  This is a good camouflage trick for bottom-heavy ladies!
  • The fur and brass detail on the halter top's neckline keeps the focus up on top.
Add color
If you are feeling too drab in olive, you can add a pop of color within the same family.  Here, I've shown a mustard-colored bag with gold closures and tassels.

Forward march!

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