Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What makes some women so chic even when they've just got jeans and a t-shirt on?  Most likely, the answer is that they are physically fit.  It flows through to their confident posture and how clothes drape on them perfectly.

My stylishly fit friend on a hill
For many people's busy lives, going to the gym just doesn't make their daily to-do list.  But instead of being a to-do, fitness can be part of an active lifestyle.

The key is finding something you love to do.   Mentally, it should feel like taking a break.
  • For several people I know, taking a walk, run or bike ride outdoors, even for a 1/2 hour, is a terrific way to de-stress and get fit.  
  • Many moms push their strollers up hills (the added 20 lbs. is a terrific fat burner!) on nearby hiking trails.
  • Doing power moves on the trails can add intensity to your walk.
Power moves
If you're not into nature trails:
  • Instead of drinks or dinner, make appointments with friends for badminton or  tennis.  Team sports (beach volleyball!) for large groups!
  • Try a new skill.  While my "sport" is ballet, martial arts provides very similar physical challenges and benefits.
  • Yoga and Pilates have become trendy in the past decade.  One huge benefit I've noticed is that more Americans have better postures - from the East to the West Coasts!  
So find an activity you love and make it part of your life.

While you're at it, great-fitting workout clothes can be an incentive.  My friends and I swear by Lululemon Athletic gear (tell us when there's a sale!).  It truly makes everyone look leaner instantly - and they last forever!


  1. David and Artini BeauchampApril 21, 2010 at 9:48 AM

    That Model is just what the Jenny Sciat new consultative life style director needed, a warm friend with a regulated lifestyle, far better than a yet to be offered regulated Wall Street!
    Congratulations on your new venture. Very best of success and joyous happenings

  2. Thank you! My friends are absolutely my biggest inspirations, and our gorgeous Model here was just perfect for the message. You'll see more of my lovely friends or their handiwork in the blog :-)


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