Thursday, June 3, 2010


I just got back to California from Asia and have to share a new travel trick.

Thai massage

Most airports now have massage areas - either chair or table massages - to while away the time at the airport.  But far from being a lazy luxury, massage actually helps a lot during a long flight.  Due to my improved circulation, this was the first time I had a 10+ hour flight where my legs did not get swollen nor my back uncomfortable.

My sister and I had one-hour full body massages on tables, fully-clothed.  The masseuses performed shiatsu treatment, particularly on the back and legs, as well as a variation of Thai massage stretching the arms, legs and back.  The deep stretches felt like a pre-flight yoga class.  They also did lightly-oiled massages on the neck, scalp and face which were so relaxing.

If you can't get a massage at the airport prior to a long flight, working out before you head to the airport achieves similar results.

Addendum:  Another benefit is that I did not experience jet lag for the first time after that trans-Pacific flight!  The healthful effects of the massage extended into a restful flight and a good night's sleep back in my own bed.

Happy Travels!

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