Thursday, June 17, 2010


Cinema and theater have a long history of collaborating with designers.  Just think of the memorable clothes by Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

The latest successful collaboration is in the film "I Am Love" ("Io Sono L'Amore"), an international film by Luca Guadagnino which was a hit at Sundance and other film festivals this year.  In it, Tilda Swinton plays a Russian-born matriarch of an aristocratic Milanese family.  Raf Simons for Jil Sander created the iconic red sheath dress, as well as the rest of Swinton's wardrobe.

"I Am Love" ("Io Sono L'Amore") film
I haven't seen the film yet as it will be widely released in the US on June 18th.  However, the wardrobe from Jil Sander apparently embodies Swinton's haute bourgeoise character and follows her development from suppression in the upper classes to release in passion.  The Jil Sander store will carry a limited edition of the red shift dress.

Tilda Swinton as Emma Recchi in "I Am Love"

To achieve a similar Upper Class Look, focus on:

  • Simplicity in cut, detail and color
  • Clean, tidy, and very neat hair and make-up
  • Minimal jewelry - just (expensive) pearls, diamonds, gold or platinum
Because of its simplicity, the Classy Look relies on very high quality fabrics and fabulous fit to look Perfect.

Let me know if any of you get to see the movie!  I am intrigued by the sublime cinematography and haunting score from John Adams.

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