Sunday, June 6, 2010


Convertible wedge boots
People often ask me about comfortable yet stylish shoes.  Yes, there are fashionable alternatives to Birkenstocks and Uggs!  Here are some trendy ideas:

A terrific everyday heel is the wedge.  They give just enough lift compared to flats, but don't kill your feet like slim stilettos would.   The higher heel gives your outfit a little more style than a clunky alternative.

For an everyday look, I love this convertible suede boot which looks great on bare legs for spring to early summer.  The shaft height converts from an ankle bootie to a calf-high boot, so you get 2 looks in one.

As the weather warms up, this shootie has a heavy tapered heel that is not too high.  Stacked heels achieve the same comfortable effect.  People with nice legs can carry off this look, and the neutral shade naturally lengthens your bare-legged silhouette.   It works with narrow, linen pants too.  See the Balenciaga photo I posted in the entry:  Technical Difficulties

Of course, the new shoe paddings in drug stores or department stores make most shoes more comfortable now.   Ball-of-foot gel inserts are a godsend for stilettos!  Heel inserts are great for flats.

The biggest advice for healthy feet from Podiatrists is - Change your heel height throughout the day.

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