Monday, March 7, 2011


Okay, I am having a design crisis.  I have re-modeling projects in mind and cannot find an interior designer in the area who can articulate my vision.

Your home style should be as deliberate as your fashion style.  It need not be singularly monotonous -- I mean, we all enjoy tinkering with different looks -- but it should reflect YOU.  More than any specific style, I prefer unique and clever design.  It can be minimalist, baroquely intricate, or artsy bohemian, but always with a twist.

Architecture and interior by Frank Lloyd Wright

My preferred starting point is clean, modern, but not boxy lines.  Then, add warmth with richly-hued wood and introduce texture with stone.  It's beginning to sound like a Frank Lloyd Wright creation.

However, I get excited by eclectic furnishings, art and even flea market finds picked up from adventures around the world.

Moroccan interior design

It adds dimension, color and texture to the space.  For this reason, I often introduce leather, furs, and exotic fabrics into my outfits.

Mexican interior design

This brings me to the dearth of interior design firms in my neighborhood with that kind of portfolio.  There is, however, a plethora of design firms that  do traditional, overstuffed chintz or California Mediterranean.  I'm depressed.

Clothing is so much easier to deal with.  No need to outsource!

We haven't even gotten to exteriors yet.

Falling Water
architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright

Write to me if any of you have design firm ideas ...

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