Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Now that Steve Jobs has personally unveiled Apple's latest technological triumph, iPad enthusiasts may not only be upgrading their iPads but also their cases.

Understated elegance is yours with YSL's and Hermes' covers if you believe the leather should outprice the hardware.  Just the thing to whip out with ladies who lunch in Upper East Side Manhattan (but do they know about the Apps?).

YSL iPad cover

Hermes iPad cover

Savvier fashionistas might enjoy the bright, easy wipe factor of Burberry's case,

Burberry iPad cover

not to mention a more equitable case-to-iPad ratio.

Of course, the local Apple stores have plenty of attractive iPad covers under $100.  There is a plethora of colorful choices over the web too.  

I think my kookier, techie friends will probably be drawn to Headcase's Etch-A-Sketch cover.

Headcase's Etch A Sketch iPad cover

No, those knobs don't really work and you can't shake it to turn it off.

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