Monday, March 15, 2010


"Out, out, brief candle!" - Shakespeare, Macbeth

A visionary flame was snuffed last month with the passing of Alexander McQueen.  The fashion world was graced with his final, beautiful creations in Paris last week.  Take a look at the link:

Alexander McQueen's Last Collection

The rich fabrics and regal lines were such as a Czarina might wear.  Here, we pay homage to McQueen's vision in our own version.  Though we cannot approach the grandeur of his works, we are inspired by it.

Silk brocade tunic

  • Stick to luxe fabrics like this silk brocade tunic
  • Another option is a bubble skirt dress in burnt-out silk fabric 
  • We opted for a satin belt rather than leather to emphasize sheen
  • A fox muffler or elaborate jewelry finishes the look

Burnt silk, bubble skirt dress

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