Monday, March 8, 2010


A friend once told me that nobody wears a suit in her office unless they are visiting consultants.  Given today's casual office cultures, a classic sweater can anchor your office look.

The key to this look is Fit and Fabric. Cashmere provides warmth and soft texture. In warm climes, silk-lycra blends work well too.  The sweater must not be too baggy or too tight.  This adds pounds to your silhouette and looks dowdy.  The ribbing also ends at the high hip, before most women's shapes widen out.  This creates a more feminine shape.

  • We pair the neutral sweater with ivory slacks.
  • Slacks should have a nice drape and may be lined.  
  • Flat front slacks work best for most shapes.  Narrow hips or boyish shapes look good in pleated trousers.
  • Flesh-colored slingback kitten heels are comfortable and continue the long line of the outfit.
  • The long, v-shape of the accent necklace complements those with rounder faces, and elongates the torso.
  • A long scarf with the ends hanging is an alternative to a necklace.
We switch the outfit to one with a tulip-shaped denim skirt.

  • Denim mutes the tulip skirt's bombshell shape.
  • Vertical panels in the skirt are slimming.
  • The dark wash can be appropriate for the office.
  • Dark T-strap shoes add polish for work.
So, you can go to the office in casual comfort and style!

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