Thursday, March 4, 2010


Our lives are very busy.  Who has time now to go to a salon for a waxing?  Some people are very happy to shave everyday.  But, if you prefer the extended hair-free weeks that come with waxing, there are ways to lengthen the time between salon visits, or do away with them altogether:

  • Finally, the local drugstore carries instant wax strips for home use
  • No need to heat up wax in a tin, spread it, and use cloths
  • The strips warm up right between your hands
  • You can wax for 5 minutes right before a shower, so it's as quick as shaving
  • Unlike shaving, it takes a few weeks for the hair to grow back, and always more softly
  • Best thing is that it costs a fraction of a salon visit, and you don't need a whole hour for an appointment
You can find them in the drugstore Depilatory aisle.   I've been so happy with them, I haven't been to the salon in months!

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