Sunday, November 28, 2010


I discovered a new designer while looking through a boutique in San Francisco.  (The boutique also has a sister shop in New York.)   It seems I am a little late in discovering Jasmine de Milo as several celebrities have already worn her designs.  Her aesthetic is simple and very sophisticated with an artistic twist.  Now that's a credo one can live by!

(All photos from the boutique, Elizabeth Charles)

Waist cut-outs plus a twist

This is a T-back dress, really cute from behind

Asymmetrical neckline
Very flattering, high waist trousers
These are some great looks for the after-6 pm holiday parties.  The last 2 looks can even go from office to office party on the same day.   The dark palette carries gravitas to the looks that guarantee you won't be ashamed in front of your boss, even if you've had an eggnog too many.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Budget fashionistas around the world are waiting to pounce on Lanvin's much-anticipated collection for H&M.

The whole collection will be available on Nov. 23rd.  Refer to the sneak peak I blogged about before:
Lanvin Collaboration with H&M

The unveiling is timed for the holiday season of parties too.  These are some pieces I might investigate if I make it in time to the stores.  (All photos from Lanvin for H&M)

Some of the outfits showcase Lanvin's expertise in folds and drape.

Lanvin-esque folds and draping on a skirt
Color block with a white top
Or look sleek with black on black

They also have bold selections in vibrant prints and animal patterns.  Adventurous spirits might be drawn to such items as the ones below:

Animal print shoes for the bold

Looks like Lanvin borrowed a bit of from Karl Lagerfeld's yeti-inspired Chanel winter collection here:
faux fur similar to
Chanel winter collection

Strangely enough, Lanvin has created 25 couture versions of the H&M collection.  The word is that they will be auctioned off online with proceeds benefiting UNICEF.  I wonder how they will justify the chasmic gap with H&M prices ...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm packing up for Thanksgiving Week in Seattle.  The capital that gave us Grunge also happens to be grey and damp at this time of year.  So I dig through my closet for the easiest antidote:  COLOR!  

The biggest impact comes from the overcoat.  Updating the old overcoat is a cinch.  Hint: it's all about accessories.  Pack several knit scarves.  Also, suede, clog boots with tassels feel just right in Seattle.

Knit scarf: frilly/multi-colored/multi-textured
Any scarf can update an old coat

Another option:  a vintage wool coat acquires Style with a fur collar.  To avoid the time warp feeling, mix it with hip boots.  Or, you could really update it with a wide, brown, leather belt.  Go waist-to-waist with Michelle Obama.

Vintage coat gets Style from the  collar

I showed this ladylike coat last Easter.  I plan to winterize it with a nearly-black fur collar.

Change the look on
this Easter coat by adding a
nearly black, fox fur collar

What do I pack to wear underneath the coat?  Most likely sweater dresses (great for wrinkle-free packing) with black, cable knit tights like the look from Anthropologie I posted last week Transition Weather Looks:

Anthropologie, October 2010 catalog

That about fills up my suitcase.  Now to work on my books and magazines ...

Monday, November 8, 2010


One catalog or website I always look forward to perusing is Anthropologie's.  Every image is not just about clothes.  It tells some fascinating story.  Check out this moving catalog of Looks set somewhere in NYC: Anthropologie – October Outfits

For transition seasons, Anthropologie's mishmash layered style is perfect for managing uncertain weather.  (All photos from Anthropologie, November 2010 catalog)

Step 1: Add a big scarf and heavy boots to your summer dress.

Sometimes, a knit hat is all you need.

Step 2:  As the weather cools,  add thick tights.

Dark, patterned tights are a nice touch.  Note that this depends on the state of your legs.  Very scrawny legs look even thinner in dark tights, so skip this one.  If yours are on the heavy set side, stick to dark or vertically striped patterns.

Once in a while, we get a lovely Indian Summer and we can revert back to our gauzy dresses sans accoutrements.

Monday, November 1, 2010


We are finally into real Fall weather.  Time to put away the flimsy outfits and pull out the woollens.  By no means does this mean we turn gray and boring.

Occasionally, it is fun to be just on this side of quirky.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall 2010
Let's look at how designers approach the more youthful, fashionably quirky crowd.  Sometimes it means a separate line.  Two playful lines are Miu Miu (by Miucca Prada) and Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Here are just some of their items for Fall, though I like a lot of their pieces from past seasons too.

Miu Miu, Fall 2010

Miu Miu, Fall 2010
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall 2010
The silhouettes are still classic.  However, the splashes of color, texture, and a big ruffle or bow here and there, add an element of fun surprise!  Also note the clunkier shoe -- rather than a dainty heel -- to add a quirky vibe.  Even the satchel handbags or the oversized hat play with the whole look's proportions.

So take your classic dresses for a spin to the less serious side with unexpected accessories.

*  All photos from runway shots.
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