Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The latest buzz in designer-meets-fast-fashion collaborations is the upcoming Lanvin collection for H&M.  The looks become available on November 23rd.  Everything is currently top secret but the first teaser photo has been released:

Lanvin collaboration with H&M,  from H&M

Guess what?  It looks very Lanvin!  And I love the use of the grey-haired model.  Style knows no age.

Designer, Alber Elbaz, says he never wanted to compromise and go mass market.  However, the notion that H&M was actually going luxury excited him.

For the first time, I am also excited to check out H&M!  I often end up hoping for better quality fabrics and construction from their outfits.  However, the prices are certainly tempting for fast, trendy items.


  1. Old Hollywood glamour is here!

  2. Missy, I hear you have H&M in HK so you can check it out. We'll be in Seattle at the time and I don't know if they have it there ...


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