Monday, November 8, 2010


One catalog or website I always look forward to perusing is Anthropologie's.  Every image is not just about clothes.  It tells some fascinating story.  Check out this moving catalog of Looks set somewhere in NYC: Anthropologie – October Outfits

For transition seasons, Anthropologie's mishmash layered style is perfect for managing uncertain weather.  (All photos from Anthropologie, November 2010 catalog)

Step 1: Add a big scarf and heavy boots to your summer dress.

Sometimes, a knit hat is all you need.

Step 2:  As the weather cools,  add thick tights.

Dark, patterned tights are a nice touch.  Note that this depends on the state of your legs.  Very scrawny legs look even thinner in dark tights, so skip this one.  If yours are on the heavy set side, stick to dark or vertically striped patterns.

Once in a while, we get a lovely Indian Summer and we can revert back to our gauzy dresses sans accoutrements.

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