Friday, July 16, 2010


In the summer months, our beauty routines get simplified.  Days at the beach or poolside leave us preferring the au naturel look.  While skipping the blow drying phase is good for our hair, the stress of sun and chlorine or salt water is not.

Beach-tousled hair (Getty Images)
After interviewing several hair specialists, their advice always came down to this:

Saturate the hair follicle with good stuff before you go out.

This is especially necessary for chemically-weakened hair.  So for you sun- and water-worshippers out there:
  • Soak your tresses in clean water first to saturate the hair follicles
  • This leaves no room for chlorinated or sea water to do damage internally
  • Coating the hair with conditioner gives added protection externally
  • Some products made specifically for hair also coat with UV protection
Towards the end of summer, don't forget to get a hair trim to get your hair back into shape!

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