Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am on another trans-Pacific trip and remembered to share another travel trick to avoid swollen ankles and aching backs.

On long flights, it is convenient to book the Bulk Head seats so you have room to stretch and move around. This is particularly important if you are crunched up in Economy Class, but works as well in Business or First Class cabins.  I use this space for a little airplane yoga.

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold)

I am an active person, and especially as a dancer, feel extremely uncomfortable being immobile for any length of time.  With the extra room at Bulk Head, I can do simple versions of Sun Salutations, calf stretches, even narrow lunges to get the blood moving! 

Deep Lunge, from
You can do a shortened version of Downward Dog by facing your seat, folding at your waist and holding the armrests to lengthen your back and get a little hamstring and calf stretch.  There is room for a Standing Forward Fold.  You can do alternating leg Calf Raises for exercise.  In a pinch, I have stretched my legs in front of my face right in my seat.

Forward fold right in your seat

There is no need to be shy. You can do this in the dark while other passengers are asleep. Believe me, even in full view, I have found other passengers look and then copy me! 

Given all this movement on board, remember to dress in knit or other stretchy garments for greater comfort.

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