Thursday, July 8, 2010


When ladies don't know what to wear, they often reach for the Little Black Dress.  But in the summer, the easiest go-to outfit is actually the Little White Dress!  It's cool, refreshing, and feminine.  White looks good on any skin color and can especially highlight a summer tan.  It's infinitely versatile - accessorize or not, it still looks crisp.

The return to minimalism is a welcome direction in fashion.  We are back to more tailored classics, as opposed to trendy, which means we can use them for years to come.

Calvin Klein and Celine, under Phoebe Philo, (see the blog Neutral Territory) showed clean, wearable lines in their white dresses.

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2010

Celine Spring/Summer 2010

More romantic types may prefer more frills, like this flapper summer dress from J. Crew.

J. Crew dress (from

Younger trendsters with slim legs can pull off these flounced mini-skirts popular these days.  Chloe's multi-tiered eyelets add visual interest and texture to an otherwise plain white tank top.
Chloe skirt (from

I bet most of you already have some crisp, white staples in your wardrobe.  Time to give it another whirl this summer!

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