Thursday, February 3, 2011


If you have ever read the New York Times, chances are, you've glanced at Bill Cunningham's On the Street snapshots.  Cunningham --even now -- bikes around NYC to capture the sartorial trend of the moment.  This beloved photographer posited that the real fashion show was on the streets, not the runways.

Now, Zeitgeist Films presents "Bill Cunningham New York," a film by Richard Press.  As Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, says in the preview, "We all get dressed for Bill."

Here's a preview of the film, opening on March 16th:

Cunningham photographs kooky old ladies and socialites alike.  The great equalizer is definitive Style.  Now in his 80s, it's high time someone documented his trailblazing street photography.  The Sartorialist and numerous other bloggers owe it all to him.

(* Press photo and Film Preview from

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