Sunday, February 13, 2011


Valentine's Day is around the corner.  What mood are you after?  Are you trying to evoke sentiments of Juliet in your Romeo?

Warm, fuzzy feelings are kindled by soft, flowing fabrics.  Think georgettes, silks and chiffons.  It is amazing how a little ruffle here and there elicits the protective instinct.  Leave the slick, structured, power shapes for another time.  (Mood killers.)

Magenta chiffon dress,
tiny ruffle and lace detail on shoulders

Don't believe in the psychology of clothes?  A few chilly days ago, I put on a vintage coat straight out of a Hitchcock film.  The gallantry surprised me.  Doors were held open.  Even the barrista at Peet's Coffee etched a foam heart on my cappuccino.

Soft fur, wrists peeking out of 3/4 sleeves
lend femininity to this vintage coat

Of course, if "helpless" isn't your thing, finish it off with vampier details. A black, over-the-knee boot sends a strong message, as does a wide, leather belt for a more body-conscious silhouette.  Honesty is preferable to the old bait-and-switch.

If you are past the romancing stage, go full steam ahead on the sultry and glamorous looks.

Prabal Gurung

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