Thursday, September 23, 2010


I haven't had time to blog because another Fashionista close to my heart - my beloved Grandmother - passed away on Monday.  She was born close to 100 years ago and was stylish from day 1.  She owned a design and tailoring business and loved nothing more than to outfit her grandkids in her own designs.  So this blog is for her!

One trend reprised in last week's fashion shows was the Slouchy Trouser.  See these from Catherine Malandrino's show:

Catherine Malandrino Spring/Summer 2011

Catherine Malandrino Spring/Summer 2011

We saw this beginning 2 springs ago.  This Slouchy Trouser look - harem pants, jodhpurs, MC Hammer style - has trickled down onto the fast fashion stores like Topshop or Forever 21.  Should you wear it or not?

street scenes from prettysmartblog

These pants are so comfortable but can also end up being a Fashion No-No.  As most trends go, this is most easily carried by the tall and thin.  But there are ways to wear them - carefully!

an Indiana Jones take on harem?

For most people, the baggy runway looks (above) will make them look short and squat and 15 lbs. heavier.

Opt instead for tailored versions of the harem pant.


Seen on the street are pants with sleeker calves or overall slimmer fit.  The important note is to emphasize slim ankles and a tall pair of heels to add the illusion of length.

A fitted shirt and a tailored jacket can balance out ballooning both on top and bottom.  The slim, beaded bolero in Catherine Malandrino's example makes the overall look sleeker despite the harem pants.

When done right, this Look can be comfortable as well as very put together!  But tread carefully lest you get into Fashion Victim territory.

Victoria Beckham in silk harems

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