Monday, September 6, 2010


The New York Times Style section last week commented on San Francisco's unique neighborhood styles.  See  The Tribes of San Francisco.

One of the interesting things about that article was the emphasis on outdoor fitness in the West Coast as a Style symbol.  Truly, as an East Coast transplant to the West Coast, I see how naming your extreme outdoor sport is much cooler here than naming the latest gym class you go to!   Of course, the Pacific Coast is blessed with natural beauty for residents to hike, bike, and mountain climb.

from the Title 9 athletic wear catalog
For those of you who are serious outdoor athletes that want to look good doing your sport, I find that Athleta and Title 9 are very good sportswear catalogs.  Fabrics are performance material, yet the designs are chic enough to walk around town in.

Ice Climbing, from Athleta
For those of you who prefer to bike around the neighborhood in a dress, we can take a cue from Ellen Page in the photo below.  Just don't forget to wear a helmet.  A stylish equestrian helmet is better than nothing.

Ellen Page from 

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