Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Judging from my preferred topics to post about, I seem to be as smitten with strange head wear as Marc Jacobs is. He, however, has an outlet for it.  Jacobs can jump into the rabbit hole and emerge with mad ideas about millinery.

Marc Jacobs
Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

I can only save my ideas for Halloween, which in fact is creeping up on us.

At least, his campaign for Louis Vuitton this fall did not entail a trip to Wonderland, only a ticket on the Orient Express.  Quite inspiring.
Thought bubbles are popping out of my head right now -- shaped like bulbous hats.

Note: Most of you fashionistas probably think this campaign is old hat, having seen the Fall runway shows back in the spring.  I'm just an ostrich whose head has been buried in the sand for months.


  1. I had never seen the 1st picture!
    It is amazing!


    I had never seen the 1st picture

  2. Those are tremendously artistic hats, gorgeous.
    :)...great post.

  3. Nice post ! ahaha Alice :D

    Would you like follow each other ?


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