Saturday, October 15, 2011


Since we don't have Monki here in the US, I only discovered this Scandinavian brand this year through blogs.  They have the most fascinating concept photo shoots.  From what I gather, their stores are whimsical journeys to traipse through as well.

Here's the latest from Monki Magazine, their Spooky Issue:

Their pieces are actually rather basic, but they rely on your creativity to bring the outfits alive.  

If it were possible to walk into a photograph, I think I'd like to step right into this Monki World.

All Photos:  from Monki Magazine,


  1. wonderful pics!!! love them!!!! like you, i would want to walk into one of these shoots!!!!

  2. What an amazing way to present clothes!! I am a total fan!!!


  3. I haven´t seen Monki´s lookbooks before and I must say that they are amazing :D the stores are really funny and cute irl ^__^


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