Sunday, July 31, 2011


I knew it was a phenomenon when the queue waiting to get into the Alexander McQueen Exhibit spanned several roomfuls of exhibits at the Met Museum.  I used to go to the Met weekly when I lived in NYC, and had occasionally seen crowded special exhibits.  But this was something else.

"Savage Beauty", according to the Met, is expected to log a record attendance level since it began tracking 50 years ago.

Alexander McQueen Exhibit, "Savage Beauty"
Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alexander McQueen Exhibit,  "Savage Beauty"
Source:  Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alexander McQueen, "Savage Beauty" Exhibit
Source:  Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alexander McQueen, "Savage Beauty" Exhibit
Source:  Getty Images
What made McQueen so much more than a designer.  These weren't just clothes.  These were figments of a highly original imagination fueled by history, literature, the arts ... We loved him for it, and miss his impact on Fashion dearly.

I must say, I enjoyed standing in the queue.  It was one of the best-dressed queues I've seen in a while!  It  was fun talking to fellow visitors, many of whom were in the artistic fields:  graphic designers, art consultants, fashion designers, and more.  And also, it was wonderful to see all these people populating the Met.  Most visitors ended up wandering around the rest of the magnificent exhibits even after the visual overload that was Savage Beauty.  The surrounding exhibits served as palate cleansers, preparing for the upcoming stimuli in the adjoining galleries.

You can see my previous post on Alexander McQueen and his exhibit here ==>  More Museum Fashion,

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