Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year!

Along with our resolutions, we reflect on this decade's style. What still looks modern from last decade and what should we retire?

KEEP ON WEARING: Platform Sandals and Booties 

Even clog bottoms, as Chanel surprisingly showed the fashion world last spring.  Ankle to mid-calf platforms still modernize any outfit.

Chloe, beige clog-bottom sandals

open-toed, platform mid-calf boots

STORE OR DONATE: Uggs and Crocs 

Unless you're a kid.  Okay, perhaps I never quite got Ugly Chic.  (I swear I did not coin that term --fashion rags over 5 years ago did.) I understood Punk, Goth, and Grunge as personal style expressions and oddly artistic.  Yet, the classic Ugg boot and Crocs struck me as utilitarian, not Statements.

Classic Short Ugg boots


KEEP ON WEARING: Tailored silhouettes 

Runway Minimalism last year influenced the return to a simpler shape and form.  Folds, drapes and some embellishment in the fabric can still feel modern, but bows, ruffles and studs get a rest.

Burberry Prorsum silk dress with intricate twists


A few hippie accents still look good, but too much flower child belongs to another Decade.

Ralph Lauren, Fall 2010

KEEP USING: Ladylike bags

Bags held by their handles or slung in the crook of the elbow still exude posh glamor.  

Mulberry pink ostrich Bayswater bag

STORE OR DONATE: Logo shoulder bags 

Particularly longer strapped ones.  They look dated.  But wait some decades and they'll turn Vintage.

Coach logo shoulder bag

The main push towards modern dressing in the past decade is Eclecticism.  Mix up designers, from high-end to low-end.  Throw in some Vintage or Flea Market finds.  This drive towards individual style is perhaps the most important development in Fashion this millenium. It remains the key to Modern Dressing.

* Let's not split hairs, for those of you who love precision.  Most would insist the decade began with the year 2010 rather than 2011.  For the purposes of Fashion, we are still very early on in this decade, however you count it.

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