Friday, September 18, 2009


Fashionistas have turned Recessionista. Their style secret? Shop in your closet! Most women have a good collection of classics or one-of-a-kind pieces hidden, forgotten and unused in their closets. Rediscover your gems:

  • ORGANIZE: In order to really see what you have, hang items together by type (blouses, skirts, pants), color or style (casual or dressy)
  • WEED OUT: Collect items you know you will never wear again and donate to Goodwill or charities
  • MIX & MATCH: Have fun and put together new combinations. You probably never thought that old, A-line skirt would look good with that ruffled top. Try to mix across styles too. A dressy blazer can look great with stone washed jeans and leather ankle boots.
  • ACCESSORIZE: Switching to a different piece of jewelry, handbag or shoes can completely change the look of your outfits.
Be creative, and enjoy shopping in your closet!

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